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what to expect from us

Professional Entertainment


AIALE PRODUCTIONS provide a variety of high-quality percussion workshops and performances for schools, colleges and universities. All of our instructors have extensive experience working in a variety of public and private educational and work-based settings. 

Examples of AIALE PRODUCTIONS education based clients include: ALJA, Marquis Studios, Global Arts, 92Y, Neojiba and Believe NYC. Please contact us for a full list. 

Tailored Programs to Suit Needs


AIALE PRODUCTIONS understands that each school has their own particular focus and individual requirements, such as improving teamwork, communication skills, leadership development. 

We will provide a tailored package to suit your needs. We can design a workshop(s) to suit the type of event, size of the group and time available. 

Accessible to All


Participants need no prior musical experience, and all the instruments are provided by us. Students are often inspired following AIALE PRODUCTIONS’ workshops to keep playing. Our pupils find they can usually produce a good sound on various instruments relatively quickly, which is enormously rewarding. 

AIALE PRODUCTIONS’ professional facilitators explain each stage of the workshop clearly, and provide regular feedback in a constructive and supportive environment.

Wide Range of Instruments


AIALE PRODUCTIONS’ enjoyable workshops include a variety of instruments, including keyboard, congas, cajon, bongos, claves, triangle, drumsticks, buckets, body percussion, pandeiro and tambourine, amongst others. 

 AIALE PRODUCTIONS’  experienced team can advise on the best instruments to purchase for future use if required. Our pupils often want to continue playing and learning percussion after our workshops.  

Our team can also provide instruments made out of recyclable materials to demonstrate to students how versatile recycling can be.

Excellent Results


By the end of each workshop students will:

  • have a practical introduction to the rhythms and percussion instruments used in World, Brazilian and Cuban music. 
  • have practice playing various instruments.
  • learn the basic playing techniques and how to play with the right "feel" in a percussion ensemble.
  • learnt new skills

Improve Listening Skills, Concentration and Teamwork


AIALE PRODUCTIONS’ workshops also enhance coordination, cooperation and communication skills, achieving a rewarding feeling of unity and success. 

Playing group percussion can transcend barriers of age, language, ethnicity, socioeconomics and physical challenges. 

Learning percussion fosters a sense of community and encourages self-expression, resulting in character building, improved social skills and positive self-esteem.


- Gabriel Globus-Hoenich, POE founder, New York, USA

“Ivan is a fun, creative and compassionate teacher. His multitude of talents including singing drumming and dancing allow him to find multiple entry points towards engaging AIALE PRODUCTIONS’s students”.

- Melissa, Education Consultant, New York, USA

“I have been impressed with AIALE PRODUCTIONS’s friendly professionalism… Thank you so much for your fantastic percussion workshops. The pupils really enjoyed their sessions and the staff were impressed.”

- Divinity Roxx , Bass Player, New Jersey, USA

"Ivan put together a phenomenal band... The dance floor exploded as soon as they hit the first note, and it never slowed down. Months later people are still talking about how incredible [AIALE PRODUCTIONS were]. I would highly recommend using them at ANY live event. Top notch professionals!” 

Aidan & Karina, Manhattan, USA

"What an amazing wedding! AIALE PRODUCTIONS’s band kept everyone on the dance floor, and they had such a great energy. The atmosphere was fantastic! Thank you for making our wedding a dream come true"

Carlos, Professional Musician, New York, USA

"I have worked with AIALE PRODUCTIONS  for several years, and hope I will be working with them for many years to come. They are so great to work with" 

Edmilia, Music Events Manager, Salvador, Brazil

"I have always been impressed with AIALE PRODUCTIONS’s talent and ability to engage any audience with their music. It is always a joy to watch Ivan and Tainnã perform".